If you’re not going to let me come, you could at least let me suit you up.

Steve stops by the Avengers Tower before heading out to look for Bucky.

A gift for anneofbluetardis, who I promised a gift a long time ago


it takes a great deal of bravery
to stand up to our enemies
but just as much to
stand up to our friends


It took me so long that I actually managed to post it as my little contribution to #ahfancon

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This is 100% what everyone does in their room when they are alone, and this girl filmed it. Bravo.

this is my favorite video in all of human history

I tried watching this in class and I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING OUT LOUD


i hope one day someone loves you as much as you love your favourite fictional character


when u watch ur favorite character getting heartbroken and u can feel ur own heart part like moses parted the sea

Steve/Tony: Why I ship them in the MCU



Alright, partytimexelent. You wanted an explanation! WELL. YOU GET ONE.

Okay so number 1:


That is the the first genuine smile we see from Steve since he woke up. Really. Honestly. Go watch the ENTIRE movie. He has some snark-smile esque things with Loki (kind of??) and some awkward!smile with Coulson, and some stern-father smiles with Bruce. But other than that, the first GENUINE smile we see Steve have in the 21st century is over Tony. 

Okay, but it’s just a SMILE, who cares if that’s the smile of a man obviously realizing he’s gay for the first time. Let’s delve deeper into this!

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Chris Evans as Captain America on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron | Seoul, Korea. April 4, 2014

(Source: forassgard)


captain america 2 wasnt a movie it was a spiritual journey


Infinite list of favorite pairings: Natalia Romanova/Black Widow and James Barnes/Winter Soldier.

"Yeah. I remember everything, Natalia… and you were the one good thing in all of it."

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